Summer Learn to Skate

The Lake Placid Legacy Skating Program offers a unique opportunity for skaters of all levels to develop their skills under the guidance of expert coaches. Whether you are skating for the first time or an aspiring Olympian refining your technique, the Olympic Center’s group lessons provide a supportive and exhilarating environment. To find the class that best suits your child, please click on the “Class Descriptions” tab.

Our program includes 8 lessons, with 2 lessons per week over 4 weeks. View the schedule below for more details.

Evening class structure:

  • 5:30pm – 6:00pm (Snowplow Sam, Basics 1-4)
  • 6:00pm – 6:30pm (Basics 5-6, Adults, Pre-Hockey)
  • 6:30pm – 7:00pm / Aspire 1-4 and Skating Skills (MIF)

Group Ice Skating Lessons Schedule

Thu, Jul 255:30pm - 6:00pm (Snowplow Sam, Basics 1-4) / USA Rink6:00pm - 6:30pm (Basics 5-6, Adults, Pre-Hockey) / USA Rink6:30pm - 7:00pm (Aspire) / USA Rink

Learn To Skate Lesson Rates

EnrollmentAll Ages$80

Class Descriptions

Snowplow Sam levels are introductory classes divided into four progressive levels allowing children with no prior skating experience to build confidence while learning the basic skills of ice skating.

Basic Skills teaches the FUNdamentals of ice skating and provides the best foundation for figure skating, hockey and speed skating. Six progressive levels introduce forward and backward skating, stops, edges, crossovers and turns. Focus is learning agility, balance, coordination and speed.

Pre-Hockey curriculum is designed to teach the fundamentals of hockey skating. Skaters will learn how to be more proficient and agile on the ice. Proper skating techniques for the game of hockey are the primary focus.

All elements will be taught WITHOUT a puck. Skaters learn the basic stance, stride, knee bend, and use of edges.

Pre Requisite:

  • MUST be passed Snowplow 3 or Basic 2.
  • MUST have hockey skates, helmet.
  • RECOMMEND: Hockey Gloves and Shin Guards

Adult classes are designed for both beginning and experienced adult skaters who wish to improve their skating skills. This program will help promote physical fitness and improve balance and coordination while teaching proper skating techniques. This is an exciting program for people who look to skating as an enjoyable part of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Aspire classes are designed for beginning skaters who want to take the next step to becoming Figure Skaters! This program will teach the Skating Skills necessary for the skater to learn spins, jumps and technical turns.

All Snowplow Sam, Basic Skills, Pre-Hockey and  Adult classes are ½ hour in duration and ½ practice.

Aspire classes are 1 hour in duration. Practice time may be available after class and is highly recommended.