Whether you’re looking to hold a large conference or are seeking out a location for a smaller-scale corporate event, the Lake Placid Legacy Sites have the spacious facilities to suit your needs while providing impressive views and compelling activities to boot.

For larger conferences, the conference center housed inside the Olympic Center can hold up to 1,200 people, with exhibit space available in the 32 rink.

Looking for something a bit more intimate? The meeting spaces located at the Olympic Jumping Complex are held at the Intervales Lodge and come in 4 different packages,  hosting groups as small as 15 people and as large as 100 people, which means it’s capable of housing both a day meeting and a small conference. Intervales Lodge is also equipped with all of the necessary meeting amenities, including WiFi, projectors and projector screens, smart boards, and conference phones.

If you’re looking for some team bonding experiences during your corporate event, we have a wealth of signature events that act as a perfect vehicle for team-building experiences, with both competitive and more scenic, adventurous options available!

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Usage Policy


  1. Use of Conference Center equipment, supplies and other materials is limited to the Olympic Authority personnel unless approved, in writing, by Conference Center Management.
  2. Only the Olympic Authority personnel are permitted to move furniture, fixtures and equipment.
  3. House lighting, ventilation and air conditioning will be provided as required during event hours. However, energy conservation is of prime concern and minimal light and comfort levels will be maintained during event move-in and move-out.
  4. Passenger elevators are to be used by the general public and should not be used for any freight or equipment movement.
  5. Motorized vehicles and equipment (i.e. carts, forklifts, scooters, etc.) and other moveable equipment (i.e. dollies, pallet jacks, etc.) are not permitted in any lobby, pre-function, meeting room or ballroom space without prior written approval of Conference Center Management.
  6. Use of glitter or confetti is not permitted in the Conference Center without the prior written approval of Conference Center Management. Costs associated with the clean up or glitter or confetti and related materials are Licensee’s responsibility.
  7. Open flames are not permitted in the Conference Center without the prior written approval of Conference Center Management.
  8. All floor load capacities shall be strictly observed. Any variations shall be approved, in writing, by Conference Center Management.
  9. The sale or distribution of novelty merchandise is prohibited without prior written approval of Conference Center Management. All distributed materials, whether for sale or at cost, must be distributed from locations approved by Conference Center Management.
  10. Holes shall not be drilled, cored or punched into any part of the Conference Center’s interior or exterior surfaces.
  11. Conference Center telephones, faxes, copiers and computers are reserved exclusively for Conference Center operations. Conference Center telephone or fax numbers or e-mail addresses shall not be published as official show or convention numbers.
  12. Animals and pets are not permitted in the Conference Center except in conjunction with an approved exhibit, display, show etc. and require prior written approval of Conference Center Management. Service animals for people with disabilities are permitted and the owner will be fully responsible for their animals.
  13. All facility utilities are property of the Conference Center. Access, tampering or otherwise utilizing said utilities without prior written approval by Conference Center Management is prohibited. Costs for repairs or damage resulting from unauthorized use of utilities are the Licensee’s responsibility.
  14. No soliciting is permitted on Conference Center premises.
  15. Any and all unsafe conditions or activities will be terminated immediately if requested by Conference Center Management. Conference Center Management reserves the right to remove disruptive parties as necessary.
  16. Alcoholic beverages may not be brought into the Conference Center without prior written approval of Conference Center Management. Conference Center Management may prohibit the consumption of alcoholic beverages at any time.
  17. Adhesive backed decals or stickers may not be distributed in the Conference Center. Costs associated with the cleanup of these or related materials are the Licensee’s responsibility.
  18. The hanging or otherwise attaching of exterior banners is prohibited. All electrical cords should be taped down immediately after placement with tape approved by Conference Center Management.

General Fire Code Regulation

  1. Licensee, show management, exhibitors and all other parties must comply with all Federal, State, Municipal and Conference Center mandated fire codes which apply to public assembly facilities.
  2. The Conference Center may request, in writing, specifications, descriptions, etc. of any and all equipment, processes, operations etc. from Licensee, service contractor, exhibitors, etc. and reserves the right to submit such information to the Fire Department for approval.
  3. Exterior exhibit hall doors and loading dock doors are not to be propped open and automatic closing devices are not to be tampered with.
  4. A fire watch is mandatory when smoke and/or hazardous machines are used inside the Conference Center.


  1. Crate storage is prohibited in the Conference Center without the prior written approval of Conference Center Management. Crate storage is the responsibility of Licensee.
  2. Crates stored in interior storage rooms may not be stacked higher than within three feet of sprinkler heads and a ten (10) foot radius must be maintained around all access/egress doors. Crates may not be stored in any occupied hall or room.
  3. Exit signage, fire extinguisher, fire alarms, pull stations and related firefighting equipment may not be hidden, obstructed or blocked.
  4. All emergency exits, hallways and aisles leading from the building are to be kept clear and unobstructed.

Layout and Set-Up of Exhibits

  1. Aisle dimensions and locations are subject to Fire Marshal approval. Aisles must be a minimum of ten (10) feet wide. No exhibit booth, registration table or related material may be placed within twenty (20) feet of main entrance and exit.
  2. Doors, fire exits (including doors in partition walls) or access to any exit cannot be blocked or impinged upon by pipe, drape, exhibits or other fixtures.
  3. Exhibitor service desks cannot be located in lobbies or pre-function areas.
  4. Literature and other items cannot be stored in a booth beyond what could be reasonably used in one day. Additional material must be stored in closed containers and kept in a neat and organized manner in a designated storage area.
  5. Clear access must be maintained to all Conference Center services (i.e. restrooms, concession stands, utility rooms etc.)
  6. Whenever direct access to a fire extinguisher is blocked, the exhibitor blocking access must be notified of the location of the fire extinguisher and a temporary sign must be hung above the exhibit indicating the extinguisher’s location.
  7. A $250 change fee will result due to late or unexpected changes to room layout, or when multiple room layout changes are required on the same day.

Food and Beverage

  1. All food, beverages and concessions are operated and controlled exclusively by the Olympic Authority’s Concessionaire (“Concessionaire”).
  2. Any and all exhibitors offering food or beverage sampling must have prior written approval by Concessionaire. Upon approval, the exhibitor will then adhere to the following:
  3. An exhibitor and/or association member must occupy approved booths at all times.
  4. Items dispensed are limited to products manufactured, processed or distributed by exhibiting firm and must be directly related to participation in the event.
  5. Food items must be administered and limited to “sampling” or “bite” size portions.
  6. Beverage items must be distributed in containers no greater than four (4) ounces and no more than three (3) ounces of product may be distributed per container.
  7. Food and/or beverage items used as traffic promoters (i.e. popcorn, coffee, bar service, etc.) must be purchased from Concessionaire.
  8. Restrooms, concession stands and/or facility kitchens may not be used as exhibitor clean up areas.
  9. Space utilized for storage, preparation, etc. of product must be approved in writing by Conference Center management.
  10. Securing of all necessary licenses, permits, etc. is the responsibility of the Licensee or exhibitor.
  11. Costs associated with the disposal of trash, waste, etc. from exhibitor sampling are the responsibility of Licensee and/or exhibitor.