Whether you’re looking to hold a large conference or are seeking out a location for a smaller-scale corporate event, the Lake Placid Legacy Sites have the spacious facilities to suit your needs while providing impressive views and compelling activities to boot.

For larger conferences, the conference center housed inside the Olympic Center can hold up to 1,200 people, with exhibit space available in the 32 rink.

Looking for something a bit more intimate? The meeting spaces located at the Olympic Jumping Complex are held at the Intervales Lodge and come in 4 different packages,  hosting groups as small as 15 people and as large as 100 people, which means it’s capable of housing both a day meeting and a small conference. Intervales Lodge is also equipped with all of the necessary meeting amenities, including WiFi, projectors and projector screens, smart boards, and conference phones.

If you’re looking for some team bonding experiences during your corporate event, we have a wealth of signature events that act as a perfect vehicle for team-building experiences, with both competitive and more scenic, adventurous options available!